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CAM 1330 Fiber Laser Cutter

Laser Power:                500W/300W
The laser wavelength:    1070nm
Min. Line Width:             0.1mm
Repeat position accuracy: ±0.05mm
Cutting range:                1300×3000mm
Cutting thickness:            ≤ 6mm
Aimed and positioning:     Red light 
Power supply:                380V/50HZ
Cooling mode:               Water cooled
 N.W.:                          2500Kg

 Machine features :


■ The body with industrial welded structure, after planed and precisely processed by high precision gantry, go through low temperature annealing by
CNC,long-term use, to ensure the strength and stability of the machine;
■  imported grinding grade ball screw, imported high-precision linear guide, high precision;
■ Adopt servo drive control, make sure torque stronger ,faster and more stable;
■ Automatically-tracing smoking extraction system, energy-saving and perfect smoke extraction effect;
■ Adopt leading domestic laser cutting head and laser lens, focus spot smaller, cutting line finer, more productive, processing quality is better;
■ Professional laser CNC control system, computer operation, more simple operation, more efficient.


 ■ Widely used in sheet metal processing, advertisement signs production, kitchen ware, all kinds of hardware products, lighting hardware, saw
blades, glasses, mechanical parts.


Laser Power:                                                       500W/300W
The laser wavelength:                                           1070nm
Min. Line Width:                                                   0.1mm
Repeat position accuracy:                                      ±0.05mm
Cutting range:                                                     1300×3000mm
Cutting thickness:                                                 ≤ 6mm
Aimed and positioning:                                          Red light 
Power supply:                                                      380V/50HZ
Cooling mode:                                                      Water cooled
 N.W.:                                                                 2500Kg


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