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“UT3000”Fiber Laser Cutter

Brand type:GXULASER Optical fiber UT3000

Cutting area:1500×3000

Laser power:500w~300W

position precision:±0.05mm

Cut thickness:≤8mm

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Product enrichment ,It involved woodworking furniture,craft gifts,jade carving,advertising signs,garment material,leatherworking,electronic fixture, building model etc.dozen industry。

machine Characteristic:

1、Industrialized welded machine structure,quenching by dragon gate milling machining high precision,ensure high rigidity and high accuracy

2、X/Y/Z all this three axis adopt Japanese “THK”  grinding ball screw and “THK”high precision linear rail

3、Automatically-tracing smoking extraction system.Energy- saving and perfect smoke extraction effect

4、Adopt import laser cutting head and laser lens

5、Professional laser CNC control system,computer operation,more simple operation,more efficient


Technical Parameters:

Parameter/type U3000 Cutting thickness ≤8mm
laser power 500W~300W
Aiming and Positioning 红光Red linht
cutting area 1300X2500mm
Working voltage 380V/50HZ
position precision ±0.05mm
Gross weight 2000KG


Applicable area:

Kitchen industry, sheet metal processing,advertising decoration and lamp industry,etc

Applicable material:

stainless stell,aluminium alloy,carbon steel,cooper,aluminum etc metal material。

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