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“UNIEEQ”heavy stone engraver

Brand type:SABER F3-9015

Processing size:900X1050mm

spindle power:4.5KW(水冷)

processing precision:±0.05mm

max  speed:45m/min

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Product enrichment ,It involved woodworking furniture,craft gifts,jade carving,advertising signs,garment material,leatherworking,electronic fixture, building model etc.dozen industry.


Machine features :■ Robust square steel tube of body structure, solid without deformation, wholly scientific welding, more stability.
■ Adopt imported square linear guide rail, Y axis adopts double row four columns guide rail, strong bearing capability, rapid speed, stable operation, higher precision, long service time.
■ Z axis adopts imported high precision rolling ball screw, precise tool setting, Y axis adopts high-performance double rack gear drive, rapid speed, large power.
■ Constant power spindle motor, large cutting capability, high efficiency.
■ Fine software compatibility: compatible of Type3, Artcam, Casmate, Artcut and other CAD and CAM designing softwares.
■ Equipped with full set of engraving tools, have functions of reliefs engraving, double side tools cooling system.
■ Support direct transmitting with U flash disk, high speed computing capability, function of continuous memory on breakpoint.


       Applicable for stone industry, stela processing industry, art relief industry, advertising industry, decoration industry, and ceramic industry etc., and efficiently process marble, granite, jade, ceramics and other stone materials.


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