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  • “UNIEEQ”tombstone engraver F1-1325
“UNIEEQ”tombstone engraver F1-1325

Brand type:SABER F1-1325

Processing size:1300X2500mm

spindle power:2.2KW

processing precision:±0.05mm

max speed:6m/s

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Product enrichment ,It involved woodworking furniture,craft gifts,jade carving,advertising signs,garment material,leatherworking,electronic fixture, building model etc.dozen industry

machine feature

1、Adopted cast iron machine body,once finished forming upon cast iron cooling and aging treatment。

2、All three axis adopt TBI high accuracy rolling ball screw from Taiwan and imported high precision round guide rail.

3、Anti-dust filtering device configured for protecting the ball screw and guide ensure high accuracy during long working time.


Technical parameter

Parameter/type:G1-1325 working area:1300*2500mm spindle power:2.2KW
running mode:Stepping spindle speed:24000rpm  position precision:0.05mm

travel speed:6m/min


bed body

cross beam






Engrave marble,granite,tombstone,milestone,ceramic,etc,include words and pattern.


·stone engraving Marble engraving  Ornaments engraving   stone engraving

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